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Company Profile

Water Treatment sector is undergoing a rapid change on account of the entry barrier in the global market. In competitive and quality environment, international level recognition has become need for every company for the longer-term growth. Every component of the quality system in the plant that meets the National and International standards has become necessity for today. Therefore, every step of the project delivery from conceptualization, detailed engineering to documentation have to be prepared to comply with the stringent regulatory requirements.

Incepted in the year 2006, IONEX ENGINEERS has started its journey in water treatment and effluent treatment processes. With highly skilled and professional personnel, we strive to provide high scales of service to our customers. We exercise our potentials to produce the best quality plants possible.

Our customers are national and international companies including chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, Fertilizer, and many more. They innovate their production process and create new services; we offer integrated technological skills, high quality and complementary water treatment products to our customers to help them to improve their competitiveness and performance. Providing value to our customers is our everyday aim and it is the basis on which we want to build our market leadership in the water treatment sector.

We provide complete range of solution like packaged system ,turn key projects and also we offer you technical services.

Complete Range of water treatment System

  • Multi Grade Filter
  • Dual Media Filter
  • Micro filtration
  • Ultra Filtration
  • Nano Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Water Softening System
  • Demineralization Plant
  • Mixed Bed Plant
  • Sea Water Desalination Plant
  • Waste Water Recovery Plant
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Sewage treatment plant

Ionex Engineers

Ionex Engineers are a multidisciplinary process engineering company having activities in Industrial Design, turn Key Projects Process Automation, and Environmental Management. We have office in Ahmedabad. We have specialist experience in providing design and engineering & execution services where ‘Water Treatment’ is the main thrust of the design basis. We have senior technical team comprising process, piping, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineers. We believe in the flexible approach towards delivering engineering designs with a view to accommodate client’s requirements at every stage of the design process.

Quality Systems

Ionex Engineers brings in specialist skills to deliver complete quality solutions for water & waste water treatment with high quality standards. We provide simple, user friendly and inexpensive quality systems to strengthen product quality for the huge market demand.

Facilities Covered

We offer complete solution for Water & Waste water treatment system including design, Engineering, Turn Key Projects, Operation & Maintenance Contract, Spares, Consultancy, Water Treatment Chemicals and many more.

Services Offered

  • Quality Management System Engineering Services
  • Procurement
  • Process Automation
  • Support Services

Quality Management Systems

  • Validation of Systems, Processes, and Equipment,
  • Training for Systems and Documentation for all levels staff / workers
  • New Product Study
  • Stability Profile for Product

Engineering Services

  • Process Engineering
    • System Designs
    • Process Flow Diagrams
    • Piping & Instrumentation diagrams
    • Water and Utility Systems
    • Equipment specifications
  • Master Plan
    • Master Plan to comply with the regulatory requirements
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • Vessels/Tanks
    • Platform
    • Equipment Layouts
    • Equipment Datasheets
  • Piping Engineering
    • Piping and valve materials specification
    • Piping General Arrangement drawings
    • Isometrics for pipelines, Specifications and Material Take Off

Process Automation Services

We provide single point services for automation of water treatment plants, right from feasibility study, control philosophy, specifications and datasheets, procurement assistance, vendor coordination and commissioning assistance.

  • Current situation study (Plant / Unit / Operation)
  • Identification of areas (feasible) for automation
  • Alternative conceptual framework and basic schemes
  • Costing and benefit analysis
  • Control philosophy development
  • Detailed specifications and datasheets
  • Procurement assistance
  • Site supervision, inspection and expediting
  • Commissioning assistance
  • Manuals preparation and training

Process Automation Services

  • Project Management
    • Preparation of co-ordination procedures
    • Planning and programming the implementation
    • Expediting
    • Co-ordination amongst the client and design teams Reporting
    • Schedule monitoring
    • Commissioning and handing-over
  • Construction Supervision
    • Site management & client co-ordination
    • Co-ordination with suppliers and contractors
    • Quality control
    • Supply and deliveries monitoring
    • Co-ordination with design teams
    • Cost monitoring
    • On-site inspections
    • Trial-runs and commissioning assistance
  • Commissioning Assistance Post
  • Commissioning Assistance

Turn Key Projects

Complete Detail Design, Engineering, Procurement and construction provided at single finger only for complete End to End solution with high quality deliverables.

  • Our Deliverables
    • Detail Proposal with Costing.
    • Basic Design and Engineering Packages.
    • Complete Engineering with all related standard norms.
    • Complete procurement.
    • Construction
    • Commissioning.
    • Operation and maintenance.